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2 slice toaster oven

Don’t you love toast with toppings? It’s that time of the year when I think of toast topped with marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate syrup, yes, that’s the toast version of s’mores! How about grilled cheese toast? These can’t be made with a pop up toaster, which is when a 2 slice toaster oven comes in handy. Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation is the best 2 slice toaster oven that I’ve found among the 2 slice models available.
2 slice toaster oven

It is definitely a waste of energy if you’re going to heat up the oven for a couple slices of toast or some nuggets and sausages, but the Toastation is just the right size for that, and yet have enough power to toast your food properly. Don’t fall for the $20 toaster ovens that are underpowered; you’ll get more energy wasted by toasting twice.

This 2 slice toaster oven has a slot on top for simple toast or bagels, which you can close by sliding a switch when using the oven rack below. When toasting in the top slot though, make sure to place the baking pan or a layer of tin foil on the grill rack to catch the crumbs.
best 2 slice toaster oven
The top slot works well to toast bread and bagels just the way pop up toasters do, evenly and without leaving grill marks on the toast. I would pop in a couple slices to toast on top, then when they’re done, place toppings on them and give them a minute in the oven below. Perfect!

There’s a cancel button on this 2 slice toaster oven, which is really useful when I think my toast is getting overdone. There are 6 toast shades to choose from, and I choose a shade lighter than I want the toast to be if I need to brown toppings on them afterward.

For extremely thick slices I would use the oven to toast although the slot is rather wide at 1-1/2-inch. I’m sure they would be fine but I really didn’t want to risk wasting time for removing stuck toast. Luckily the oven toasts bread just as well as the top slot.

When a snack other than toast is needed, this toaster oven can reheat a couple large slices of pizza or small personal pizzas, buns and leftover food. It even bakes fresh food nicely as the temperature goes up to 450F. Salmon steak? No problem. Put some asparagus and small potatoes in as well and that makes a wholesome (albeit small) meal.

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this toaster oven if you plan to make full size meals with it. A bigger yet compact choice would be a good 4 slice toaster oven or this cheap toaster oven.

The Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation is a model that goes way back, with upgrades and tweaks along the way, and is known to be very durable. If a compact, 2 slice toaster oven is what you need, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. It’ll be the best $45 you’ve ever spent for something that you can use every day. Get this little toaster oven with free shipping here.

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